“Let’s Create Smile” youth NGO has been formed on 2011 for the aim to help children with special needs and people with social problems promoting volunteerism, especially among young people. The goal of the organization is to play leadership role in the community and assist people in need and families with law income to overcome the difficulties of life.

The main purposes of LCS youth NGO are:

  1. to organize various activities for people in need and children with special needs
  2. to search resources for the people in need/ children with special needs
  3. to integrate them into the society
  4. to promote Youth participation (training on human rights and democracy, volunteerism, etc.)
  5. to make free Legal and Physiological consultations for people in need and to make their representation in front of public bodies.    

Organization unite over 200 young active people in Armenia, including from regions, who are care about reality, about ongoing process and about their future. The members/volunteers are youth from different communities in Armenia united for one word – “hope”. 

The target groups of LCS youth NGO are:

  1. Youth
  2. People with social problems
  3. People with disabilities (children in need).

The principles of our activities:

  1. volunteering,
  2. equality,
  3. freedom of speech & expression of opinion,
  4. cooperation,
  5. “There are no bad ideas”,
  6. people/the children with special needs are equal to us.

The resources of LCS youth NGO:

Our NGO mainly act on volunteer basis and with assistance from kind people who want to make a change and help people in need. So we kindly encourage any sponsorship for special project and donation for kid in need which you can find in our Wishlist.


Our staff:

                      Liana Enli Manusajyan – Founding President                                  


                        Sargis Ghazaryan – Youth club leader              Wolf Alexanyan – Innovative team leader      Andranik Manukyan – Sportive and Cultural events team leader